What if the retailer rejects my cover?

If there’s ever a problem and the retailer rejects any of your covers (ebook, paperback, audiobook), please let me know and tell me what the issue is. I’ll amend the cover free of charge and send you new files.

However, if the Paperback cover is rejected because the page count or format of your document doesn’t match the cover dimensions, there will be a $10 fee for me to adjust the cover. The reason for this is because it’s best practice to have your book properly formatted before you give Final Approval. Meaning, I can only work with the information you send me. So if your book isn’t fully formatted and you send me what ends up being the wrong page count or dimension size, I’m not liable if the cover doesn’t match your final document. If you purposely changed your page count or dimension size, the $10 fee will still apply.

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