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Custom 3D Box Set Cover Add-On

Fill out the Custom 3D Box Set Cover Request Form for this service.

I only create 3D covers as part of an Add-On for a premade cover. You may commission a 3D cover for:

your duet, trilogy, or series;

your series starters;

an anthology or collection (books written by you and/or other authors).

Any individual book covers being shown on the box set must have been purchased from Satin Rose Designs.

What’s included in the add-on:

a flat cover (in the style of your preference);

a 3D box set with the cover and spines for each book in the set;

your choice of having the set face left or right.

About the Flat Cover:

The flat cover will include your series name, author name, and a statement about what the book is, such as 5-Book Collection, Complete Series, Trilogy, Box Set 1, or whatever you like.

Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo, and other retailers do not allow 3D covers, which is why you’ll receive a flat cover version apart from the 3D.

The flat cover comes in three styles, which are:

Style 1: It’ll be either the first cover of your series or in the case of series starters, you may choose any cover you wish from the starters. If you want a new cover, you may order one from my Premade Ebook Gallery.

Style 2: Each individual book cover from the set will be shown on the cover, cropped either horizontally or vertically, with a background image to match the overall set.

Style 3: Each individual book cover from the set will be shown on the cover, scaled down to fit in full, with a background image to match the overall set.

The photos below are just cover art examples. In the add-on request form, let me know which style you prefer, and we’ll work from there.

Style 1

Style 2
Style 3

About the Spine and Direction:

The spine has a smooth, flat, straight edge. It includes the title for each book as well as the background image from the flat cover or an image that will match the flat cover. Optional items include: the ebook cover for each book on the upper or lower portion of the spine, your author name, your series logo or some kind of décor, and/or the number of each book in the series.

If the set faces to the right, the books will be ordered backward (3, 2, 1). If the set faces left, the books mentioned on the spine will be in the normal order (1, 2, 3).

Here’s are two examples to show the spine and left/right direction:

The Fancy Lady Society 1-3 - 3D box set
3D cover facing right
The Takeover 1-2 - box set
3D cover facing left


The price varies depending on how many books are to be in the set.

For two to four books: $25

For five to eight books: $50

For nine books and up: $75

FYI – Since Amazon charges a delivery fee when you choose the 70% royalty rate, you’ll be charged .15 cents for every megabyte of your ebook file size. While you can certainly package 10 full-length books or more in one set, it will inflate the size and hike up your fees for each ebook sold. So it might be a better idea to package them as 3 to 4 books per set when possible.

How I work:

Once I receive your Add-On request, I’ll send you the invoice (if you haven’t already paid), and I’ll begin the work once the invoice is paid in full.

You’ll get three free reviews round to ask for textual changes and/or placement of items on the cover and spine. If you want more changes after that, a $15 fee will apply for each additional review round. After you approve it, expect the final .jpg and .png formats–without watermarks–within a couple of days.

Files are provided for digital/ebook use only, meaning this file won’t fit or work for print-on-demand books.

Need changes made after Approval? Read this.

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