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Premade Ebook Cover

Check out my Gallery and find the perfect cover.

All Premade Ebook Covers are typically sold AS IS with three exceptions:

  • The necessary changes to the text — adding your author name, book title, and optional series title/tagline, as well as changing the text color and size if so desired
  • Optional branding — adding your series logo or using certain fonts and font colors to match the other books in your series
    • For the logo, you must have the legal right to use the logo design and that you grant me the non-exclusive right to use it for your Premade Cover.
    • For using a different font…I have 1000-plus fonts on my computer, so hopefully, I’ll have what you need. However, if you wish for me to purchase a font, the final price of your cover may increase if the font is super expensive. Alternatively, if you’ve already bought the font and you have the legal right to share it with your designer, I’ll accept the font file and use it for your cover, then promptly delete the font file from my computer.
  • If you absolutely love a cover, but it needs a little tweak here or there, it’s okay. Message me to discuss what you need changed. I should be able to do it.

All the Premades are available to be turned into a series. So pick as many covers as you want, choose your favorite font from your chosen covers (or I can give other options during the review draft process), and I will use that font for all the covers to brand them. Or let me know what font your previous designer used for your series, and I’ll try to use that or a similar one (an additional fee may apply if I must purchase a pricy font).

Do you want to use a Premade to create an anthology for multiple stories, featuring either your own work or as a collection with other authors? Sure. We can do that.

How I Work:

Either message me via my CONTACT page or fill out my Premade Ebook Request Form.

Once I receive your request, I’ll email you to touch base and to send a PayPal invoice for the full amount due. I will begin the work once the invoice is paid in full (please pay within 7 days).

Three free review rounds of the watermarked draft will be given for you to check the spelling, color, placement, and size of the text. If additional changes/another review round is requested after the third one, that will result in a $15 USD fee per each subsequent review round. Once you approve the draft, I will email you the final copy of the cover in .jpg format, without watermarks, within three (3) business days (.png format is available on request).

If you decide to cancel the order BEFORE approval of the final cover, I will refund you the full amount minus $10 USD as the retainer/kill fee. No refunds will be given once you approve of the final cover.

Need changes made after Approval? Read this.

No contract will be given for a Premade or it’s Add-Ons, unless specifically asked for. In that case, I will send my standard contract, which is also the Custom Cover contract.

Don’t forget to check out the optional Paperback, Audiobook, Social Media Graphics, and 3D Box Set Cover add-ons for your Ebook cover.

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