Custom Social Media Add-On graphic

Custom Social Media Graphics Add-On

Email me, or message me via my CONTACT page for this service.

This Add-On is only available with the purchase of a premade ebook cover. Once I receive your request, I’ll send you a Paypal invoice (if you haven’t already paid) and will begin the work once the invoice is paid in full.

I offer two tiers.

Tier 1 ($10): 5 custom .jpg graphics with the same font used on your cover.

It includes: 1 Facebook/LinkedIn (1200 x 630px), 1 Twitter (1200 x 675px), 1 Instagram (1080 x 1080px), 1 Pinterest (1000 x 1500px), and 1 banner (851 x 317px).

Tier 2 ($20): everything in Tier 1 is included, plus 5 blank graphics of each size mentioned above. Since the 5 additional graphics won’t have any text, you can add your own to create unlimited graphics.

I also offer two styles of graphics.

Style 1 shows the finished book cover as an ebook mockup. Style 2 does not show the cover, so it has the title. The logo is optional. The placement and size of the text will be determined during the project. I’ve shown the Twitter graphic for reference:

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