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About Me

My name is Amber Daulton, and I’m a blogger, author, reviewer, and cover designer.

I’ve been writing and creating promotional graphics for myself for years. Back in 2019, I created my first audiobook cover after consulting with designer friends and diving headfirst into photo editing to learn, learn, learn. I’ve created a couple of ebook and print covers for myself since then, and I’m getting some awesome feedback from other authors, like—Will you create something for me?

Hence, Satin Rose Designs was born. I hope you find my premade covers a perfect fit for your next book.

A fun tidbit: for readers of my Arresting Onyx series, you might be wondering why “Satin Rose” sounds a little familiar. Well, I grabbed the words from Shadow Rose Boutique (the heroine’s shop in Arresting Mason) and Satin Heart Bakery (the heroine’s bakery in Arresting Jeremiah). Those books have opened up so many doors for my writing business that I thought it only fitting to name my next professional endeavor after them.

Do you have questions about my services? Please check the FAQs or contact me through this form.

Interested in my books? Visit my Amber Daulton Romance site for everything you’ll need to know.

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