Custom Ebook Cover

I’m only accepting Custom Ebook Projects on a case-by-case basis. Please message me with the type of cover you want (genre and design idea), and I’ll let you know if I have the time in my schedule and the inspiration to create the project.


Want to purchase a cover? Awesome! Check out my Gallery first to see if you like any of my Premades, but if not, please CONTACT me. The price for all genres is $100 with the exception of Paranormal/Fantasy, in which the price is $150.

How I work:

To begin the Custom project, message me and let me know you’re interested. If you want a contract, it’s available on request. Please sign the optional contract within seven (7) days. I will invoice you for the full amount due and then send the art form. The invoice must paid within seven (7) days (contact me if you need more time), but please know I will not start the cover until the invoice has been paid.

If you want to order any of the Add-Ons at this time, I will add the amount of the intended Add-Ons to the invoice. I will begin work on them after the Ebook project is completed. If you wish to order them after the original project is done, that’s fine, too. I’ll invoice you for each one individually or together (your choice) when we’re ready to work on them.

Five free review rounds of the watermarked Ebook draft will be given for you to check the spelling, color, placement, and size of the design, photos, and text. (Now is the time to let me know if you want different stock images or think I’m going in the wrong direction from your dream cover. This is why you should fill out the art form with as much detail as possible, so I can better visualize what you do.) If additional changes/another review round is requested after the fifth one, that will result in a $15 fee per each subsequent review round.

Once you give me final approval of the cover, I will email you the official copy in .jpg format, without watermarks, within three (3) business days (.png format is available on request). I will now begin work on any Add-Ons you have ordered.

If you wish to cancel your Custom Ebook Cover project, you may do so as long as you haven’t given final approval. I will refund the money already paid minus $50 as my retainer/kill fee.

If you need changes made after the project is completed and finalized, a $25 fee will apply for me to make the necessary changes and send you fresh files. I’ll keep your cover files for two years from the completion date of your cover. Read more here.

Review the Custom Ebook Cover Contract.

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