Need changes after Final Approval? Do you still have my cover files?

When you “approve” a draft file, that means you are satisfied with the cover and want it finalized as is. If you change your mind and need changes made afterward, a $25 fee will apply for me to make the necessary changes and send you fresh files.

I will keep the .xcf file (what I used to create your cover) on file for 2 years from the completion date of your cover. So if you need changes made, do your best to contact me within the two-year mark.

If I accidentally lose your .xcf file within this two-year period, I will recreate the cover from scratch, and all you have to pay is the aforementioned fee.

If you need changes made after the two-year mark, and I’ve already discarded your file, I will have to recreate the cover from scratch. That will result in a hefty fee, depending on the complexity of the cover.

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