Can I choose my own font for the Premade Covers?

Yes and no.

Yes – If you buy two or more Premade Covers to create a new series, you’ll need all the fonts, styles, placements, and possibly colors to match for branding purposes. In that case, pick the font design you like best from any of your chosen covers, and I’ll use that for all the covers.

Yes – If you’re purchasing one or more Premade Covers to fit with your existing series, please let me know the name of the font you used on the previous covers, and I will try to accommodate. (There may be an additional fee if the font I need to buy is super expensive.) If for any reason I cannot find, purchase, or use your preferred font, I will let you know. At that time, you’re free to choose a different font, cancel the purchase order, or allow me to select a new font that will be as close as possible to your first option.

Yes – If you own the license to your preferred font and the license clearly states you can share the font with other people, then feel free to send it to me (.otf and .ttf files accepted), so I can use it on your covers. After I’m done, I’ll delete the font file from my computer.

No – If you want to purchase one or more Premade Covers to use individually (no series branding needed) and you simply don’t like the fonts, then I won’t be able to change the fonts. Choosing professional, appropriate fonts for specific types of designs is a painstaking task and one of the most important aspects of creating an on-genre cover—and it’s the designer’s job to know what works best.

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